Department of Information Systems & Operations Management

Muncie, IN, United States
Information Systems


Ball State University’s Computer Information Systems (CIS) undergraduate program is offered by Department of Information Systems & Operations Management at Miller College of Business, which is accredited by AACSB International.

The CIS major provides students with the technical, analytical skills, and knowledge for designing, implementation, and maintenance of computer information systems in business and other organizations. As a graduate of the CIS program, students find job opportunities as a systems analyst, application developer, business analyst, computer support specialist, consultant, hardware salesman, information center consultant, software salesman, project manager, or information systems manager, network administrator, database administrator, Web administrator, e-commerce analyst, information security expert, webmaster, network support and administration, information officer and technical/end user support.

Our CIS graduates work at global services firms, IT consulting firms, public accounting firms, defense industry firms, hospitals, banks, management consulting firms, federal and state government, software companies, consulting companies, computer and networking companies, telecommunications companies, airline industry, computer industry, insurance companies, Web design firms and universities.

Bachelor Programs

Computer Information Systems Major Courses (24 Hours)

·         CIS 226 Business Systems Application Development (3)

·         CIS 317 Computer Networks for Business (3)

·         CIS 410 Information Systems Security (3)

·         CIS 412 Business Process Analysis & Design (3)

·         CIS 413 Database Management Systems (3)

·         CIS 490 Information Systems Integration Project (3)

·         ISOM 300 Project Management (3)

Electives (Choose one from the list for 3 credit hours)

·         CIS 421 Network & Security (3)

·         CIS 422 Health Care Information Systems (3)

·         CIS 450 E-Commerce Design/Applications (3)

·         ISOM 369 Industry Internship (3)



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