Information Systems

Department of Information Systems

Yogyakarta, DIY, Indonesia
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The Department of Information Systems is part of the Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), located in the city of Yogyakarta, a city unique for being the center of education in Indonesia. UAD is one of the universities in Indonesia that has been known to have national and international reputations. As part of the UAD, the Department of Information Systems is an undergraduate program that produces graduates with professional capabilities in the field of information systems. With the support of the infrastructure, resources, and experiences in this area, the Department of Information Systems is the choice for those who want to have the ability in the field of information systems and at the same time have the readiness to be able to develop and manage information technology which continues to grow rapidly.


Information Systems S1


Information Systems S1 is also called Bachelor in Information Systems, an undergraduate program which provides our students with specific knowledge of Information Systems, coupled with the knowledge of information technology which serves as the fundamental base for the overall knowledge gained during their education. The program consists of 145 credits in total, and can be completed within 4 years.