Dipartimento di Economia Ingegneria Società e Impresa (DEIm)

Economics, Engineering Education, Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods, Technology and Innovation, Information Systems


Established in 1979, the University of Tuscia is a medium sized university located in the North of the Lazio region. The University has approximately 700 employees, equally divided between faculty and administrative staff members, and about 12.000 students enrolled. The University is ranked 18th among the 61 Italian universities (12th for research, 2nd for students satisfaction).

The Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship (Dipartimento di Economia e Impresa, DEIm) is one amongst the six departments of the Unviersity.

The DEIm is an interdisciplinary department composed by 49 facutly members spanning over the domains of management, and industrial engineering. The Department has active research cooperations and participates to several natioanl and EU funded research projects.

The deparment offers three bachelor courses (economics, political science, and engineering), and three master courses (marketing and quality, administration finance and control, and engineering). Courses are designed in close contacts with entreprneurs, and students are engaged in project work activities during classes, working on designing solutions to real life problems.




Master Programs

The program is a management program which – unique in Italy – combines the topics of marketing and quality management in a single master program. The aim of the course is to provide students with tools and knowledge to face business problems in an integrated and innovative way, combining both managerial controlling techniques, change management, quality management, marketing, and digital innovation.

The philosophy of the program is based on the centrality of the customer as a driver for the success of organizational strategies, and on the role of innovation, marketing, and quality management as strategic drivers for competition on markets. Marketing e Qualità is an interdisciplinary program that help students develop competences of digital innovation and transformation, customer satisfaction, data and evidence based management, and quality control and management techniques.


The program is organized to exploit innovative didactic methods. Students are engaged in class in the analysis of case studies, and work in groups on project works, addressing and developing solutions to company ideas. In three courses from the program (International Marketing, Management of Information System, and Customer Relationship Management) students will work through a whole semester on an interdisciplinary project touching the domains of the different courses together with a company which will evaluate, together with professors, the quality and relevance of the work done.

PhD Programs


The Phd course offers is an interdisciplinary high education programme crossing the disciplines of economics, management, and statistics. The PhD course aims at training a profile which can research and study the challenges of nowadays business organizations following the approach of data evidence management. The PhD course exploits the knowledge assets of the facultly members of the DEIm department and offers students the choice among 3 curricula:

  • Economics and policies of the agri-food industry;
  • Circular, sharing, and cooperative economy;
  • Digital transformation in SMEs.

The three curricula have a common interdisciplinary education program on economic and managerial theories, and on the common - but not exclusive - method for data analysis and for the interpretation of phenomena.

The Phd course trains a highly specialized profile which would fit with the roles of managerial data analysts, or manager in functions like production, marketing, quality, and sales. Alternatively the profiles trained by the course could occupy the role of researchers in research institutions or universities.


Marketing and Quality


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