Diploma | Information Systems

Diploma (Business Information Technology)

Information Systems



The purpose of the programme is to develop the applied competence of learners in developing, analysing, interpreting and applying information technology business management principles and methods. The programme prepares the learners to meaningfully contribute to the effective and efficient business management of information technology in organisations.


On completion of the programme students will be able to demonstrate competence in;


  1. Analyse and understand the interdependency between business and information technology

  2. Make decisions and accept responsibilities

  3. Communicate effectively using models, visual and language skills

  4. Work effectively in a team

  5. Collect organise and critically evaluate information in order to assess the situation correctly

  6. Demonstrate an understanding that the problem solving contexts do not exist in isolation and therefore look at the system as a whole 





  • A Senior Certificate meeting the admission requirements of the APS score of 22, (Mathematics) 24, (Mathemetics Literacy) or M- Score 13 with Mathematics Higher Grade (HG) or Standard Grade C. English HD D or SG C or Grade 12 Computer Science with at least a HG D symbol. RPL will be applied in accordance with the University's RPL policy.
  • The minimum duration is three years of full-time study. The maximum period is four years of study.



Business Analysis 1A
Development Software 1A
Information Systems 1A
Systems Software 1A
Business Analysis 1B
Development Software 1B
Information Systems 1B
Systems Software 1B
Business Analysis 2A
Communication Networks 2A
Development Software 2A
Information Systems 2A
Business Analysis 2B
Communication Networks 2B
Development Software 2B
Information Systems 2B
Business Analysis 3A
Communication Networks 3A
Development Software 3A
Information Systems 3A
Business Analysis 3B
Communication Networks 3B
Information Systems 3B
Development Software 3B
Schedule Full-time
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available No


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