After completing this course, students will have a broad understanding of global eCommerce. The course focuses on concepts that will help students understand and be able to discuss both the opportunities, the threats and the challenges offered by eCommerce, which is dramatically altering the way business is conducted and driving major shifts in the global economy. The course covers key topics including privacy and piracy; government surveillance; cyber-war; social, local and mobile marketing; Intellectual Property; and more.    

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of e-commerce for managers and strategists.
  • Identify the basic technology of the Internet and the Web.
  • Understand the strategy formulation for online firms.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the following infrastructures: technology, capital, media, and public policy.
  • Understand the importance of ethics and its impact on e-commerce.    
Number of credit hours per week 3
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus