The elective seminars deal with topics that arise from recent research. They are usually organized in small groups of students. Each student gives a seminar talk and, to this end, writes a seminar elaboration. Main seminar-topics may change from term to term. Background and relations to other courses: Usually, the topics deepen the contents of one (or more) of the tracks IM, PM, BN, BI, ISD and LPR. Therefore, knowledge of the contents of pertaining track(s) is strongly recommended. Main topics and learning objectives: To follow recent developments, the topics and, accordingly, the learning objectives are changing from term to term. Examples of earlier topics have been: • Structural Model Analysis • Model Visualisation - Layout and Perception • Network Evolution • Beautiful Data • ERP systems in industry, retail and supply chains • Information Retrieval • Coordination in Supply Chain Management • Theoretical Computer Science

Learning outcomes

Academic: The students deepen their knowledge in specific topics. Soft skills: Students improve their skills in acquiring profound scientific knowledge and presentation. Depending on the topic, group working abilities are supported.