This course is designed to provide an understanding and experience in design and development of a prototype of an end-to-end Enterprise Web System through the use of an Enterprise Portal. A portal provides a supporting framework for the integration of applications together with capabilities for enterprise-wide collaboration, content management, and workflow management. The course aims to provide students an understanding of Web Portals architecture, the related application software, and how a Web Portal is used in the context of a Web-based enterprise solution. Through labs, assignments and a project, the course gives the students a series of “guided learning opportunities” to gain hands-on experience with developing content-rich Web solutions. The course also introduces the students to a systematic approach for creating a business solution through the assembly and configuration of building blocks, rather than by developing software from scratch. This course enables the students to apply concepts and skills which they have previously acquired in year 1 and year 2 IS technology courses in the context of a larger scale enterprise-wide business solution. The course proceeds along six main thrusts: site management, collaboration and people, content management, enterprise search, business intelligence and custom components in portals.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: - Identify a business scenario as an opportunity to implement an end-to-end enterprise web-based solution through the use of an Enterprise Portal. - Design, build and deploy a portal-based web solution in the context of a business scenario Use portals to implement workflow management across business processes - Construct an end-to-end portal-based web solution by assembling, configuring and integrating standard building blocks and custom-built components - Evaluate important considerations when deploying portal-based multi-tier Web solutions
Number of credit hours per week 3
Total number of credit hours 36
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus