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Established in 2004, the College of Management of Technology (CDM) has an aligned focus on research and teaching in the areas of Management Science with close ties to Engineering and Technology. Moreover, it infuses the EPFL campus with an entrepreneurial spirit, encourages cross-disciplinary partnerships and undertakes a comprehensive approach to industrial issues and public policy.

The College is composed of three institutes, the Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship Institute (MTEI), the Swiss Finance Institute at EPFL (SFI@EPFL), and the Institute of Technology and Public Policy (ITPP).

The CDM offers two Master programs - in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MTE) and Financial Engineering (MFE) - as well as two Doctoral programs - in Management of Technology (EDMT) and in Finance (EDFI). These successful teaching programs ensure a promising first-class education to prepare students for leading careers in academia and industry. An assessment of the past four years has brought to light a steady increase in the number of applications for all degrees. The programs attract talented students from many faculties and sciences.

Furthermore, the CDM additionally proposes three executive Master programs in partnership with other outstanding universities. The current offer covers executive Masters in Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems, Global Supply Chain Management and Management of Technology. The College plans to expand and diversify this portfolio in the near future.



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