Epoka University

Tiranë, Albania


Epoka University is an international higher education institution located on a smart campus between the international connections and trading crossroads of Durres Port and Rinas Airport in Tirana, the capital of Albania. The University commenced academic activities during the 2007-2008 academic year in compliance with the provisions of the Albanian higher education legislation.

In 2012, based on the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania No. 553, dated 22.08.2012, the legal status of the institution changed from “Institution of Higher Education (“Shkollë e Lartë” in Albanian) to “University”.

All institutional strategies of Epoka University are built on the “Education, Research and Contribution to Society” triangle. To promote further R&D, as well as contribution to society, Epoka University has signed several cooperation agreements with international and national institutions. Among our distinguished partners are the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, Albania Investment Council, American-Albanian Business Association, Tirana Municipality, British Council Albania, Yunus Centre, Dhaka and others. For a complete list, please click here. 

Epoka University comprises three faculties: the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, composed of the Department of Architecture, the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Computer Engineering; the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, composed of the Department of Banking and Finance, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Economics; the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences composed of the Department of Law, the Department of Political Science and International Relations and the Center for European Studies. For detailed information, please click here

Epoka University offers education in three study cycles, respectively Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD, with 11 Bachelor, 8 Master of Science, 6 Professional Master, 2 Integrated Second Cycle and 6 PhD study programs. The language of instruction in all study programs is English, except for the Bachelor in Banking and Finance study program, which is offered in Albanian as well. 

Epoka University fully complies with the requirements of the Bologna Process, such as offering study programs in the three cycles of studies, adoption of both the ECTS credits system and the American credit-hour system, as well as the provision of the diploma supplement for all of its graduates.

In 2017, Epoka University successfully completed the institutional accreditation process under the authority of the Albanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

Epoka University possesses a highly qualified full-time academic staff, 29% of whom are foreign as of September 2020. The foreign staff comes from the USA, UK, Russia, France, Italy, North Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Indonesia and Pakistan. During the 2019-2020 academic year, the student/lecturer ratio was 29:1, illustrating the particular emphasis Epoka University places on high-quality teaching and its student-oriented approach. The student body is also international, with 4% of the student community coming from foreign countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Cameron, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Bangladesh and Venezuela. 

Epoka University is an institution of higher education oriented to scientific research. It manages and organizes its scientific research policy in accordance with its Strategic Plan in the framework of “Research Excellence at Epoka” under the Research and Projects Office.

Epoka University has four research centers: the Center for European Studies (CES), the Center of Research and Design in Applied Sciences (CORDA), the Yunus Center for Social Business and Sustainability (YCSBS) and the Continuous Education Center (CEC).

Internationalization” represents a strategic objective of Epoka University. In this context, Epoka University is one of the most active universities in Albania to conduct student and staff exchange programs with foreign universities. Recently, the University hosted a Fullbright Scholar. Furthermore, Epoka University cooperates with EU universities through the Erasmus+ Programme in research and projects aiming to support actions in the field of Education, Training, Youth and Sports, and also in terms of staff and student exchange. Epoka University is the first of the very few private higher education institutions in Albania to have benefited from the TEMPUS program, financed by the European Union. Epoka University is currently a partner institution for three Erasumus+ KA 2 Capacity Building projects and one Horizon 2020 project, which is the first such project in Albania. For detailed information, please visit our Research and Projects Office. 

Epoka University is member of the AACSB International (AACSB), the European Universities Association (EUA), a signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum, the United Nations Supported-initiative Principles of Responsible Management Education and Yunus Centre, Dhaka.

Epoka University Library offers different access to its students through its Digital Library with regard to all the program studies offered by Epoka. At the same time, the library is subscribed to JSTOR, a digital library founded in the United States of America.

In addition, the Epoka University campus is situated in a green area outside the city of Tirana and provides venues with comfortable physical and IT infrastructure, which offer high-quality services and facilities to students, staff and other stakeholders and which include three computer labs, one electronic and one civil engineering lab.

At the same time, Epoka University boasts an excellent employability rate of approximately90% for its graduates, who are employed in the local and international labor markets. Besides infrastructure and well-appointed facilities, Epoka University offers internships, networking, career fairs and employment opportunities for its students and graduates in collaboration with sectors and industry under the Career Planning and Alumni Office.

Epoka University participated for the third time in U-Multirank. U-Multirank is an independent ranking system funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme.

Overall, Epoka University obtained the highest marks, i.e A (very good) in 6 indicators. By participating in U-Multirank, Epoka University makes transparent its detailed performance, so students can make better-informed choices about what, or where to study based on their area of interest. 

At the same time, the university will use U-Multirank data to assess its strengths and weaknesses and find ways to improve.  

For a more comprehensive overview of the university’s performance, see the complete performance scores here. 

Epoka University successfully qualified for the QS World University Rankings for Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA) and has been included for the first time in its history in the QS rankings for 2021. 

Moreover, Epoka achieved the top ranking of “1” under the category of “International Faculty”, which is a testament to its internationalization strategy which includes developing a strong and diverse international academic staff.  Epoka also received an above-average ranking under the category of “Faculty with a PhD” as compared to other Albanian universities.  This speaks to Epoka’s strategic initiative to bring in some of the best qualified academicians to work at the University.

As Epoka continues into its second decade of operations, it has developed the Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and looks to further advance its mission of providing outstanding education, research, and contribution to society.



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The Department of Business Administration (BUS Department) aims the development of business knowledge to be applied in the management of business and non-business organizations, big and small, domestic and international (e.g. small family businesses, corporations, cultural associations, nonprofit organizations, social businesses, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, public administration, and others). The students will be able to acquire the necessary skills to operate in Albania and globally due to the systemic and integrated knowledge about organizations. The department’s objective is to qualify new future employees and managers with a strong background on business administration by underlying a systems and constructivist perspective.

In the BUS Department, students can choose to study business administration, business informatics, and international marketing and logistics. These programs offer a high rate of employment opportunities. By studying in BUS, students can work in different departments as easily configured in an organizational chart. For example, taking into account their specialization, they might work in the departments of accounting, marketing, sales, human resources, information systems, operations, R&D, etc.

Detailed information on the courses offered in the semester schedules is included in the academic plan. The list of departmental compulsory and elective courses is provided in details in the academic programs. In addition, for each course the students can check the content from the information system in order to be aware about the subjects, teaching methods, requisites, ECTS credit system, and workload. Furthermore, students will be supported all the time by the academic advisors, which are professors of the BUS Department. The list of courses offered each semester by our department and academic catalogue correlate together. The objective of this department is to fulfill the need for qualified members in this field, and to prepare skilled people to work in different sectors of the global economy.


The mission of the Department of Business Administration (BUS Department) is developing business capabilities through holistic teaching methods by cultivating a sense of intellectualism, togetherness, and inclusive leadership.

The final output is educating early professionals for co-creating value among market actors, in terms of employability, continuous improvement, and business system sustainability. 


The Albanian Business Ecosystem is moving toward a new era, which will be accompanied by best business practices and success stories. The vision of BUS Department is to be the most valuable partner for transforming Albanian business cases into best business practices. Our ambition is to have behind all business case histories, our early professionals.



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