Faculty of Computer Science

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Information Systems


At the Department of Informatics 28 professors research and teach supported by approximately 180 research, technology and management staff. More than 2300 students are enrolled in 6 Bachelor- and 6 Master degree courses.

Basic Research – combined with a distinctive focus on implementation

Hamburg’s Department of Informatics has – since its foundation in 1971 – excelled in a  broad spectrum of informatics’ themes, combined with a distinctive focus on implementation. Hamburg’s traditionally centered university imparts to informatics a particularly rich interdisciplinary dialogue with such varied subjects as Economics, Sociology, the Arts, Science, Medicine and Education Science.

The Hamburg Information Technology Center (HITeC) promotes hands-on research, joint ventures with local industry, technology transfer and spin-offs. Both economy and administration benefit from the palpable transfer of basic research results, thereby strengthening Hamburg’s position on a scientific and financial level.

Role Model – Human Beings First

In present-day society, information technology plays an ever-increasing role in practically all aspects of our daily life. People need information science in order to manage the growing complexity of contemporary tasks and systems. Systems must remain manageable and understandable. Technology must adapt to human beings, and not vice versa. With regard to the three fundamental tasks of informatics – analysis, construction and design - researchers and professors at the Department of Informatics place human beings first.

Our motto is „Informatics – the Future“, and we call on all scientists to “Form the Future!” Such is the definition of the central concept of Hamburg University’s Department of Informatics. May it echo in our research and our teaching.

Bachelor Programs


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Master Programs

The Masters Course IT Management and Consulting was formed by the Department of Informatics at the University of Hamburg in October 2010. The Course is run in cooperation with Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce and with the support of renowned IT companies.

The Masters Course IT Management and Consulting (ITMC) is an application-oriented postgraduate Masters Course. Around 20 IT enterprises - the board of trustees - support and promote the Masters Course giving it a high practical relevance.

The desired training profile of the IT Transformation Lead is lacking in today’s expertise landscape, however it is exactly what major companies and consulting offices are seeking to find. The Masters Course has as its goal to develop and impart the superior qualifications and skills so necessary today. The blend of conceptual and methodical knowledge with practical fields of activity is achieved through custom-built teaching methods, (university- and firm-based projects, guest speakers from industry, visits abroad). In addition to the informatics and economic subjects imbedded in the teaching of orientational knowledge, there will be a strong stress on social, communicational and management skills. Part of the module content will be held in English.


IT Management & Consulting

Other course

Students are faced to selected challenges from the partner organizationas and work in teams to innovate in new solution for the given challenge. Service design, design thinking and business model design are important methods and tools in that module. The goal is to utilize tools and methods of their studies in a real-world setting, going through iteration loops to improve the innovation and present a MVP (minimum viable product) at the end of this course.


In addition to methods of work organization and project management, approaches for a continuous building of expertise in practice are presented. These include for a quick orientation in corporate contexts, the knowledge and application of patterns from different disciplines, e.g. organization types and its construction, domain knowledge, reference processes, organizational structure and roles of IT Management and -Consulting. This module is presented on examples of companies in the ITMC business network. Thereby, the diversity and complexity of IT Management and -Consulting tasks are clarified.


This module introduces concepts and methods of Information Management and of the introduction of IT innovations in organizations. In addition to the technical and managerial responsibilities of Information Management, tasks and methods for the use of ICT for the transformation of business processes and digital business models are presented. The content is illustrated on concrete examples, issues, and case studies. Exercises comprise i.a. instructions for exploratory acquisition of innovative added technologies.


IT innovations can be discussed from various perspectives, e.g. technical or sociotechnical, according to their applicability and management in context of a single companies or global networks. Each term has up to three focus topics that are discussed recently in practice as well as in research. The course has the character of a colloquium and in each session experts will give a talk to a facette of one of these focus topics. 

Project seminar

The ITMC-Project strengthens the ability of students to solve demanding tasks in the area of IT management and IT consulting. This is done by applying research methods in teams of two to three students. All typical phases of a development project are part of this course in real projects of companies. Moreover, scientific work is supported by enabling students to utilize recent research results to tackle their projects tasks. This also helps to transfer knowledge gained during university courses to complex, novel problems.


Information technology (IT) is gradually engineered and managed as a service.

The course allows students to understand the design and management of digital service systems through the lens of IT service management as well as customer-centric and data-driven agile approaches to service design and management. Through case studies, students learn how to apply their knowledge specific challenges of service lifecyle management.


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