Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Business Informatics and Operations Management

Ghent, Belgium
Information Systems


The department of Business Informatics and Operations Management is part of the nine departments which are effective within the faculty of Economy and Business Management of Ghent University.


This department’s field of research is very extensive. Research is done into the following subjects: methodologies to develop strategic information systems, efficiency increase of administrative processes, production policy, project management, and project scheduling.


The department includes two research groups, namely one on operations management (OR) and one on management information systems (MIS). Regarding the latter, the MIS research vision has been translated into “Business Architecture & Process Management”. It consists of three interrelated research pillars: (1) Enterprise Modelling, coordinated by Prof. dr. Poels, (2) BPM methods & tools, coordinated by Prof. dr. Gailly, and (3) Process Orientation, coordinated by Prof. dr. Van Looy. Across these three pillars, different themes have been identified on which future research may particularly focus, such as SMEs, public sector, healthcare, service sector, Business-IT consultancy and disruptive technologies. Every theme has one or more expert(s) within the MIS research group.

Master Programs


This 1-year master in Business Administration at Ghent University covers the specialization area of IT management. It includes all aspects of a typical software engineering cycle, as well as managerial courses and guest lectures of recent business cases and trends in the IT domain.

This program is taught in Dutch.



The Master in Business Engineering at Ghent University focuses on Management and Data Science, Operations Management and Information Systems. These three sub-disciplines are taught throughout the two-year master through theoretical lectures, practical case studies and business games as well as by guest speakers and company projects. The master contains three specialization areas: data analytics, finance and operations management. A graduated business engineer will act as a mediator between technical and business economic positions to conduct data analysis, modelling and decision-making.

 This program is taught in English.


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