Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
Information Systems


The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) was founded on 24 November 1889 as a Physics and Mathematics Division to the first and most prestigious university in Bulgaria - Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Throughout its long story FMI has been a spiritual centre of higher education and research.
The mission of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University is:

  •     to preserve, enrich and transmit the knowledge in the field of Pure and Applied mathematics, Informatics and Computer science;
  •     to be a national leader and a European centre for university education in Mathematics, Informatics and Computer Science;
  •     to be a scientific centre of European importance and international recognition.

FMI conducts high-level education by preparing skilled staff for business and education - knowledgeable and capable, enterprising and creative. Lecturers work actively and purposefully for giving high-quality training, as evidenced by the success of the graduates of the faculty at international competitions and Olympiads in Mathematics and Informatics, especially the good realization as professionals both in Bulgaria and abroad. FMI graduates are sought after by companies, banks and government institutions. They won recruitment competitions for university lecturers in universities and for researchers in research institutes. Many of them continue their education at prestigious universities in Western Europe and North America.

The aim of the training conducted at FMI is that the students graduating from the faculty gain solid knowledge and skills to achieve effective professional and social realization. FMI prepares specialists capable of reasoning effectively and constructively with motivation to constantly improve their knowledge and skills. Through active communication in an academic environment future professionals build their attitudes and skills for creative thinking, lifelong learning and working in dynamically changing conditions.

Тeaching activities related to education promote students' innovative spirit and their desire for personal development. During their education at FMI they acquire skills for successful adaptation to a highly competitive environment. FMI maintains a level of training which ensures students' mobility within the European Union and international cooperation programs. FMI successfully combines training in professional fields with research and attracts students to joint execution of scientific and educational projects at a national and international level.

High-quality training is the result of the high level of scientific and applied research conducted at FMI, which is oriented to a wide range of problems of modern science.

FMI develops modern information infrastructure for teaching and research. The library of the faculty has a fund of about 80,000 volumes which includes the oldest collection of mathematical literature on the Balkan Peninsula. The computer labs are equipped with modern equipment and software, and the building of the faculty has Wireless Internet.

Bachelor Programs


Educational: To provide the students with comprehensive knowledge in different aspects of information technologies – bases of the information systems, as well as means for business development.

Professional: To train highly competent specialists who will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills for information systems development and support.

Master Programs

The MSc Program Distributed Systems and Mobile Technologies (DSMT) offers wide
spectrum of knowledge in areas of computer networks, software technologies, distributed information systems, computer technologies and telecommunications. The program lasts 3 semesters (one year and a half), where the last semester (last half year) is dedicated to the development of MSc Thesis.
The goal of the program is to give to the students the necessary knowledge and
practical skills which will enable them to become valuable experts in these contemporary and very fast developed areas.
The program gives to the students the abilities to design, build and interconnect complex distributed information systems with remote control, as well as to grow as experts in these science fields.


The Master Program on Information Technology Services and Projects includes a series courses addressing the latest areas of information technology aimed at building sophisticated and complex software solutions.

The aim of the program is to developing skills to understand the particular challenges posed by Management of services, technologies and tools for planning, organizing and quality control Services. At the same time, students acquire good practices in their organization the development of software and IT applications, acquire knowledge and skills for analysis and planning business processes, designing complex, flexible software systems with a service orientation, skills for process integration, service management, technology and business projects, professional attitude and responsibility in teamwork, knowledge of relevant standards.


  • Program

            -  Initially developed on the recommendations of IBM's Almaden Research Center's IT Services Program

  • Courses

            -  Materials and software, provided by IBM, Oracle (academic programs)

            -  Good parctices from leading universities in the US and Europe

            -   Lecturers and professionals with proven experience

  • Exercises, seminars, workshops, etc. with specialists from leading companies
  • Teamwork
  • Working on real projects





IT Services and Projects


The aim of the course is to provide students with a general overview of modern systems and models for security management and operational risk of IT systems, paying particular attention to the reliability and resilience of computer and network resources. It also discusses how to prepare the organization for protection against cyber-attacks and other IT resource impacts, and how to provide sustainable business processes and IT-based services.



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