Lecture | Information Systems

Foundations of Business Administration


The course serves as a natural starting point for every student of economic sciences by identifying and analysing the structure of modern enterprises. Therefore, transmission of basic knowledge and methods for analytic decision making are the course’s main objectives. In the following semesters, students will mainly analyze parts of economic institutions isolatedly. Therefore, it is vital to provide a broader perspective on economic theory. Knowledge gained in the fields of investment and finance is meant to support everyday decision making. The module provides elementary students with an overview of essential economic questions and methods and introduces the diverse functional units a firm is composed of. A profound analysis of investment and finance decisions – including the utilization of associated mathematical tools – serves as basis for further observations: students are expected to reason by using elementary economic concepts, autonomously develop solution approaches, classify tasks into a broader context and solve these especially in the area of investment and finance.

Learning outcomes

Academic: The students will be able to argue with basic business concepts, develop own simple solutions, classify tasks into a broader context and solve them. The knowledge gained from the more in-depth discussed area “Investment and corporate finance” can be used in practical decision-making.
Number of credit hours per week 8
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus