Dr. | Information Systems, Science and Technology Studies, Technology and Innovation, Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration

Gianluigi Viscusi


Gianluigi Viscusi (PhD) is research fellow at the Chair of Corporate Strategy and Innovation (CSI) of the EPFL.  His areas of expertise include information systems strategy and planning, business modeling, public policy and ICT-enabled Innovation, e-Government, information quality and value, service management and engineering, social study of information systems. Currently, he is specifically interested in three research streams: 1) crowd driven innovation, investigating how crowd related technologies affect organizations in both private and public sector; 2) translational research for management of technology and innovation, with a focus on recognition, information production and the role of information infrastructures; 3) open innovation in the public sector and social value of open data. He has been consultant on e-government planning, policy design, and implementation roadmaps for international organizations such as, e.g., the OECD. His research has been published in a range of books, conference proceedings, and journals such as, e.g., Government Information Quarterly, Data & Knowledge Engineering, The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems (ACM SIGMIS).