The master programme “Global Business” aims to prepare students to work in a global environment. The programme covers the foundations of general managerial theory and practice; various functional aspects of management within companies that operate on the global market, including strategy, marketing, HR management, and company finance; the specifics of conducting business in the context of different coun-tries; and last but not least, negotiation and communication skills.
The three universities from Slavic (Russia), Germanic (Austria) and Latin (Italy) Europe have joined their forces to offer students an op-portunity to gain a hands-on experience of the business and learning environment of the world’s leading economic regions. The learning environment is authentic for each region as the respective part of the Programme is delivered by local faculty and practitioners. During the Italian term professors, students and companies will work together to share expertise and knowledge with the students working on real busi-ness projects for Italian companies.
In this unique set-up students are able to develop a global mindset and enhance their social and cultural competences. Learning is achieved through both content acquisition and cross-cultural team interactions. Cultural understanding is brought about by self-reflection on cultural experiences and active immersion in the target cultures. To enhance the process, the program places a strong focus on language acquisition of the target languages (English and Italian/German/Russian).
The program is a life-enriching experience that fosters the develop-ment of the students’ personality and provides a lasting impact on the level of tolerance for diversity, ambiguity, and openness. Each student is given opportunities to explore different areas of study within and beyond basic academics, to develop talents and to become the busi-ness leader of the future.

Schematic Programme Model
In their first year of studies students accepted to HSE will become part of a single group alongwith their Austrian and Italian counterparts. The programme starts at HSE Nizhny Novgorod with the joint group heading to the Johannes Kepler University of Linz afterwards. Students study and live at the university January through March. Later, in April-July, the students go to Italy and work on some real-life projects with Italian companies.
In their second year of studies Russian students stay at HSE Nizhny Novgorod or tailor their academic experience through academic mobility opportunities.


  • three countries
  • intercultural learning
  • a variety of elective courses
  • work on real-life consulting projects for companies in Austria and Italy
  • an extensive network for future ca-reer


Research Methods in Management
International Management
Strategy and Global Business Development
System Theory
Global Governance
International Marketing
Russian and European Business Context
Comparative Finance System
International HRM
Intercultural communication
Cultural Awareness and Global Leadership
International Trade Law
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Schedule Full-time
Duration 2 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Scholarships available Yes


Overall ratings for Global Business