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Handbook on Business Process Management

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Jim Champy: “The practice of Business Process Management has progressed significantly since Michael Hammer and I wrote the Reengineering book. This “handbook” presents the most complete description of the competencies required for BPM and exhaustively describes what we have learned about process management in the last 20 years.”


About: Business Process Management has become one of the most widely appreciated approaches for the design of contemporary organizational and information systems. The explicit treatment of business processes as significant corporate assets has facilitated substantial improvements in the organizational performance but is also seen as an essential view for guaranteeing the conformance of corporate activities. While previous approaches such as Workflow Management, Lean Management or Six Sigma were concentrating on specific aspects of a process-centered management approach only, Business Process Management is seen as the consolidation of these and further concepts. This book is a reflection of the comprehensiveness and maturity of Business Process Management. The global thought leaders and leading practitioners have come together to describe and discuss the main components of Business Process Management along the factors strategic alignment, governance, methods, information technology, people and culture.

Recommended use for teaching

We use this book as a compendium to introduce to Business Process Management. Oposed to other books it covers a comprohensive set of capability areas relevant in BPM, including:

- strategic,

- alignment,

- governance,

- methods,

- information technology,

- people and

- culture.


See the BPM reference syllabus using this book: