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Higher school of business informatics (HSBI) is the postgraduate business school of The National Research University Higher School of Economics – Russia.  HSBI was established in April of 2004. МВА-IT (МВА - IT management) was started in 2007.

HSBI mission: through training of IT specialists to raise mutual understanding between the business community and IT community, helping to create a synergy of business and IT in enterprises and organizations in Russia.

The school offers a large full-time МВА (Master of Business Administration) program and many postgraduate programs applying IT in business management and business.

Directions of training:

  • Strategic management of information systems; 
  • Enterprise Architecture;
  • IT Governance;
  • Business Process Management;
  • Design of information systems;
  • Business Performance Management; 
  • IT Service Management;
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics; 
  • Business analysis;
  • IT project management;
  • E-Commerce;
  • Digital marketing;
  • Computer online games.

Academic units: IT management; Business Process Management; Business administration; Accounting; Business and IT Strategy; Government and the International Economy; Entrepreneurial Management; Finance; General Management; Business Analysis; Marketing; Negotiation, Organizations & Markets; Organizational Behavior; IT Service management, etc.

Over 11 years, more than 2500 students – from companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Bulgaria, Latvian, Austria, Israel, Vietnam, etc. – have graduated from HSBI.

Bachelor Programs

Realisation of “IT management in business” bachelor program responds to the current demand of the Russian labor market challenged with need for qualified managers and specialists in system and business analysis. 

Other Programs

MBA program is targeted at executives who will be responsible for strategic IT development for firm performance enhancement. All program disciplines are deeply focused on management, which can be also used as a key word to describe program content. 


IT-management in business

МВА - IT management


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