This is one of the competence areas that can be done in the masters programme. It consist of 3 courses, which are described in the sections below.

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ICT Law 1:

ICT Law 2:

ICT Law 3:

Course eligibility Optional
Presence of students On-campus and on-line




This course discusses the impact computers and information technologies are having on the substantive Austrian and European Law. It aims to deepen the knowledge and skills students have previously gained in the course "Introduction to IT-Law".

The course deals with issues of public law relevant for ICT. The focus will be on legal relations between individuals and the state authorities. ICT-relevant fundamental rights, the scope of their guarantees and the impact on users and providers of ICT; the functioning of effective remedies when these rights are infringed. Students will acquire knowledge on instruments of the European framework for the regulation of ICT-markets and their national implementation (mainly Telecommunication- , Privacy-  and Media Law). Relevant case law of European and occasionally national courts will be examined. Moreover legal and political questions of internet governance at the international level will be included.

Within the scope of this seminar students shall deepen their knowledge previously gained in the course "Introduction to IT Law" and "ICT Law 1". Current ICT-related topics will be discussed on basis of recent (European and inter/national) judgments and decisions.