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Information and Communication Technologies - Computer Engineering

Information Systems



The Computer Engineering programme is based on the adopted Bologna model of study organization 3+2. Specific fields at the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies for the Information and Communication Technologies program (Computer Engineering): Computer hardware and System software, Embedded computer systems, their design and programming, Basic Concepts of Computer Engineering, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Automatic Control Systems and Real-time Systems, Computer Networks, Wireline and Wireless Computer Networks, Grid Computing and Distributed Computing Systems, Multimedia and Multimedia Systems, Data Transfer and Telecommunication Systems, Data Bases, Information Systems and their design etc. These disciplines possess great potential for raising the quality of the education.


The restructuring of the lectures is designed in order to meet the requirements of the local market (through analyzing the requirements of the IT companies and organizations in the RM), while providing a modern and global perspective.


Programme Objectives

  • To enable students to gain a wider communication, language and analytical skills.
  • To enable students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of information and communication technologies, and to apply them in real life and their professional practice.
  • To empower students to engage in the development and implementation of various solutions in information and communication technologies.
  • To enable students to work on projects, individual or group that by nature, may be scientific-research, development and practical work.
  • To provide a good basis for further adaptation to new technology/market changes and their implications.
  • To provide skills to support the organization, realization and implementation of methods and procedures in other areas.



  • Modern infrastructure
  • On campus internship (Technology Park)
  • State of the art curricula
  • Diverse community
Schedule Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Presence of students On-campus
Enrollment capacity per term 30
Average number of applications per term 20
Total number of enrolled students 50
Tuition and fees per year 2000.00 EU
Scholarships available Yes


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