Information and Communication Technology University

Yaounde, Cameroon, Cameroon


Her mission is to train scholars from developing economies to participate as knowledge producers and not just knowledge consumers in today’s information age. “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” Albert Einstein

ICT is a core of almost every business, governmental, and organizational process and procedure in the modern world.  As noted in the quote above attributed to Einstein, the significant problems in health, education, government, and other areas in developing countries can only be solved by thinking at a higher level of analysis than the level at which the problems were created.  Scholars are needed in these developing environments that are thinkers and doers and that will use their research results in ICT to address and to help solve the multi-faceted challenges in their own countries. We believe that resident scholars can be a major force in helping to tackle some of the massive challenges currently found in many developing countries.

The ICT University (ICT-U) Vision 2020 Agenda aims to make ICT-U the premier destination for research, innovation and training of scholars relevant for the context of developing economies.


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A plethora of scholars and practitioners have suggested the dire need for human capacity development for developing economies in the domains of ICT, Engineering, Management and Sustainable Development. Most developing economies face challenges in establishing and sustaining such degree programs, namely, the acute lack of qualified faculty and the exodus of the few graduating talents to the West. The ICT University (ICT-U) is a plausible solution to the aforementioned challenges. The ICT-U is an accredited University offering a hybrid of onsite and online diploma, undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Faculty members come from every continent of the world, hence representing a very globally diverse group. Our curricula and pedagogies are internationally focused and locally relevant to developing economies. The distinctive characteristic of ICT-U is that it goes beyond conventional modes of higher education to provide a creative and challenging educational platform on which scholars can develop their potential. Scholars(sometimes at the undergraduate level also) are required to conduct research, publish and present their research in academic and practitioner conferences and seminars. In the doctoral program, for example, students are required to develop a thesis/dissertation and to publish academic journal and conference papers before completion of the program. Scholars are individually mentored by international reputed faculty to ensure successful program completion.



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