Lecture | Information Systems

Information Management: Managing the Information Age Organization


understanding of Business Administration, Management Studies, and business applications of information technology as conveyed in Bachelor Programs in IS and related fields. Main topics and learning objectives: The lecture provides students with a sound understanding of management and management theories as well as with the foundations of the information society. On the basis of this understanding, students are confronted with management challenges prevalent in the information age. While doing this, special emphasis is laid on how information technology affects the capabilities of an organization to compete in the information economy. Teaching is conducted through traditional lectures complemented with case study work and discussions in the classroom. Additional reading material is provided in order to allow students to review parts of the content at their leisure and to extend their knowledge in areas of personal interest.

Learning outcomes

Academic: After attending the course students should be familiar with the foundations of management, i.e. (strategic) planning, controlling, organization, and leadership. They should understand the specific conditions organizations are exposed to in the “Information Age” and be able to explain the technological, social and economic phenomena constituting it. Furthermore, they are expected to have an idea of how the information age challenges traditional management concepts and what appropriate responses to these challenges might look like. Soft skills: The course introduces students to the analysis of case studies in small groups and furthers their ability to actively participate in classroom discussions.
Course eligibility Compulsory