Lecture | Information Systems

Information Resource Management


Todays, globalized competition forces organizations to constantly develop new products and services and to improve their business processes. Information technology (IT) has become a key enabler for addressing these challenges and for achieving competitive advantage. Reaping of the benefits of IT requires the efficient and effective management of information resources, which often include a combination of IT and non-IT resources. The management task includes strategic planning, organization of internal and external resources as well as governing and controlling the respective work processes and outcomes. Important areas covered in the lecture: Impact of IS IS Strategy IS Governance IS Risk Management and Controlling IS Outsourcing Decision IS Outsourcing Relationship Management IS Offshoring Business Process Outsourcing Cloud Computing

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, students will have obtained consolidated knowledge about the management of information resources. Based on this knowledge, students are able to: analyze complex decisions of IRM based on existing concepts and theories find and evaluate different options for action regarding these decisions give well founded advice about feasible actions that should be taken
Course eligibility Optional
Presence of students On-campus