This course is opened for the senior undergraduates. It clarifies the theories and methods of scientometrics through the methods of measuring measurement, measurement index, measurement application and so on. The contents cover bibliometrics, scientific metrology, network metrology, etc. It will use international data sources, like WIS, ISI-ESI, ISI-JCR, DII, and measurement analysis software tools to carry out quantitative analysis of research, aimed to gradually develop the quantitative research skills of students. Specifically, the course will emphasize: (1) The Empirical Rules of scientometrics, like Bradford's Law, Lotka's Law, Zipf's Law, The Law of Price, Brookes' Law, (2) Research methods of scientometrics, including mathematical deduction analysis and statistical induction study, (3) Research frontiers in scientometrics. This course will lay a solid foundation for students' knowledge of scientometrics, and it asks students to master the basic methods of scientometrics, and to understand the frontiers of scientometrics.

Number of credit hours per week 2
Course eligibility Optional
Presence of students On-campus