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Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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In Washington, D.C., when you stand at the nexus of the world's political and economic power, responsible global business leadership is not merely a privilege; it is standard operating procedure. Rather than only adapt to the shifts in the global economy, GW's School of Business acts as one of its agents of change. 

With established relationships within the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the U.S. State Department (all located just blocks away), students learn firsthand how to see beyond the bottom line and consider the big picture of international affairs, finance, sustainability, ethics and corporate responsibility—often all at once. This global presence, as well as customized programs, including online options, that better fit the needs of students, enable our students to pursue practical, insightful expertise from an enviable vantage point. 

Master Programs

The Program on Management of Science, Technology, and Innovation is designed for individuals who are or will become managers in organizations active in scientific or technical environments. The MSTI program has dual objectives of:

1.    Promoting more effective management by technologists and scientists in organizations; and

2.    Increasing the non-technical manager’s understanding of the role of science and technology in the successful growth and operation of organizations.

The MSIST program promotes study of the innovation environment—problems in setting strategy for development of technical products, processes, and services, managing creative professionals, introduction and adoption of new technology, and mastery of the resultant organizational change, international business matters related to technology, technology entrepreneurship and venture capital, emerging technologies and related topics.


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