Lecture | Information Systems

Information Systems Project Management Technologies


The main aim - to acquire the thorough knowledge about Information Systems project management methods and tools, to learn to use them for analysis and fulfillment of advanced project management tasks. 

Specific aims:

  • to learn to analyze and define Information Systems project management problems and tasks;
  • to obtain skills for critical evaluation and choice of Information Systems project management methodologies and tools;
  • to learn the modeling of Information Systems project management processes, planning and monitoring their execution, and the assessment of their quality;
  • to apply this knowledge in practice.

Learning outcomes

  • to understand the coverage and diversity of area of information system engineering;
  • to manage IS projects and identify, analyze, evaluate, and solve the arising management problems;
  • to identify, analyze, and understand problems of information systems development;
  • to understand and apply effectively various methods and technologies for management of information systems projects;
  • to work efficiently in a group, manage the team, and act collectively;
  • to continue professional development and life-long learning in the area of information systems engineering.


Number of credit hours per week 4
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus