Information Systems

Information Systems Research Methods


This course provides you with knowledge of how to plan, carry out and report design and social science investigations and studies. You will learn how to deal with both qualitative and quantitative as well as design science research methods for social science research studies and for professional investigations. 

We start with an overview of different assumptions concerning the nature of the world and our knowledge about it, as well as the purpose of research. This is then discussed in relation to various research methods and techniques within the area of Information Systems (IS). The course also brings to the fore the issue of how to plan and carry out research within the IS area, as well as how to write up research, i.e. the written presentation of research results. 

The course is designed to enhance the knowledge of research methods on both a practical and a theoretical level, including lectures and seminars in which you get to practice the roles of a seminar leader and a presenter, and workshops in which you practice analysing empirical data. 

The course is examined through group reports as well as through an individual report in the form of a research plan.

Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus