Information Systems S1 is also called Bachelor in Information Systems, an undergraduate program which provides our students with specific knowledge of Information Systems, coupled with the knowledge of information technology which serves as the fundamental base for the overall knowledge gained during their education. The program consists of 145 credits in total, and can be completed within 4 years.


  • Graduates are able to compete globally
  • Graduates have more than adequate ability in this specific field
  • Graduated individuals are reliable and have high integrity
  • Graduates are competent individuals both in the development and management of information systems


Business Strategy and Information Technology
Students who choose to enter this path are those who are interested to learn the management side in the field of information systems.
Development of Information Systems
Students who choose the path of study are those who are more interested in the development of the system in the field of information systems
Schedule Full-time
Duration 4 Years
Presence of students On-campus and on-line
Enrollment capacity per term 120
Average number of applications per term 286
Total number of enrolled students 307
Tuition and fees per year 7260000.00 Rupiah
Scholarships available Yes


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Currently the head of Department of Information Systems at Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. Primary interests are in Web3D technology and its application. Always attracted to the ideas of combining multimedia and information systems to create a new way of interaction to the current information system applications. Has a desire to utilize Web3D to make information system applications become much more interesting for users.

NOTE: If you're interested to view my Web3D site, please use older browser such as Internet Explorer 11. The Web3D site has not been modified since its first publication (planned to do so in 2019), so it might display some error messages. If you just want to jump to the Web3D world inside the site, make sure your browser already has the VRML plugin installed. Thank you.