Information Systems, Computer Sciences


Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economic is a state higher educational institution of the highest IV level of accreditation, it is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.   Today Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics is a leading specialized higher educational institution in the East of Ukraine, which provides full range of educational services implementing multistage training, retraining and further training for specialists in 26 specialties such branches of knowledge

  • Informatics and Computer Engineering;
  • Economics and Entrepreneurship;
  • Management and Administration;
  • Publishing and Printing Business;
  • Service Sphere;
  • State Administration;
  • Specific Categories.

Bachelor Programs

The aim of the Bachelor program is to prepare specialists with professional competence in computer science and information technology programming, data mining, business informatics, web- and mobile technologies, computer graphics modeling, multimedia programming.

The main tasks of Bachelor training are:

  • to form a professional capacity, requiring a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities of the computer science theory, computer engineering, and software necessary to identify, analyze and solve problems in computer science and information technology in the development and implementation of software and professional services information systems;
  • to generate knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of professional activity, allowing to build and implement long-term trajectory of personal and professional development and learning;
  • to create socially responsible behavior in the team and community, understanding and acceptance of social, legal and ethical standards;
  • to form a harmonious purposeful personality, enhance the training and skills, to provide knowledge and skills for building a successful career.





Master Programs

Franco-Ukrainian program of double diploma "Business Informatics"

Organization of the educational process: 120 ECTS credits (4 semesters = 2 years), 3 semesters in S.Kuznets KhNUE (in Kharkiv with the participation of the University of Lyon-2 teachers) and 1 semester mobility and internship (30 ECTS) in Lyon. 

The program has received the highest rating A+ in 2010, according to the Agency for the Evaluation Scientific Research of France (Agency for Evaluation of Scientific Research - AERES (France))

According to research SMBG Consulting Group - the program is included in the top 10 Master's programs Business Intelligence in France in 2013, 2014, 2015

This master's program trains specialists with a high level of knowledge in the field of computer science, statistics, business administration, economics. The main objective of the program Business Informatics - training of managers are able to solve business problems, manage the business through information technology. Alumni Activities associated with decision support, organization of corporate systems, reorganization and optimization business. An important component of the program is training in enterprises and the implementation of projects under the guidance of teachers.

The teaching languages are Ukrainian and French.

Students receive European grant for the 4th semester in Lyon.

The Master program "Information Systems in Business Process Management" is aimed at training professionals able to model and optimize business processes for enterprises to improve business efficiency, determine the policy of enterprises in the development of their information infrastructure, to ensure the development of joint plans for the strategic development of businesses’ information systems and IT organizations’ projects. 


Computer Sciences and Information Technologies (Business Process Management)


You need to have a deep understanding of enterprises internal mechanisms to become a good manager. 

Discipline will be useful to anyone who wants to learn how to model, analyze existing processes and trying to improve them in order to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Particular attention will be paid to business processes modeling methodology BPMN, which is gaining popularity in recent years (including using software BizAgi, IBM WebSphere, etc.). 

Special attention will be paid to the use of business games in the tasks of streamlining business processes, particularly in the case of the software IBM INNOV 8.



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