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Riga Technical University (RTU) is the first technical university in the Baltic countries. The RTU research program covers a broad spectrum of research conducted in natural sciences and various fields of engineering and technology. Riga Technical University is an accredited internationally recognized European university that consists of 9 faculties, 33 institutes, 103 departments and divisions.   Institute of Applied Computer Systems belongs to the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, which runs about 20 study programs in the field of ICT. Business Informatics currently is the only program registered in EDUglopedia. However, information about other programs is available at the Riga Technical University website.        

Master Programs

The aim of the Business Informatics study programme is to coach professionals who master systems thinking and engineering sciences; who are able to use, choose, develop, and acquire ICT solutions that enable enterprise development; who can design intra- and inter-organizational information systems; and are capable of participating in corresponding interdisciplinary and international projects.

 Programme graduates will be able to:

  • Model and analyze business processes, enterprise architecture, and information architecture.
  • Apply business analytics.
  • Assess, suggest, acquire and use advanced ICT solutions.
  • Align business strategies and the newest developments in ICT.
  • Develop enterprise ICT improvement programs; plan, manage, and lead change management projects.
  • Follow and promote scientific and industrial development of innovative ICT solutions.
  • Motivate and train employees to use the most appropriate ICT solutions.
  • Lead inter-disciplinary teams and international projects.
  • Follow the rules of ethics in business and information systems development.


Business Informatics



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