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Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany
Information Systems


Mission Statement

Information Technology (Hardware, Software and Systems) is one critical success factor in todays’ companies and markets. wi2 works on scientific basics, artefacts and hands-on concepts for successful information systems in organizations, on markets and in long lasting relationships with customers and other business partners.


wi2 follows the typical approach of research in business information systems. empirical explanation leads to new theoretical insights of human acceptance, satisfaction or, in general, success of Information Systems. Combined with concepts of Design Science we build artefacts and prototypes in our focus areas of research. As information systems increasingly affect societal developments, we add typical research methodologies of social sciences, like action research.

Our basic paradigm is the view of software, websites, apps as user-centric e-Services. We work on innovative Product-(e-)Service-Systems – from creation, innovation and design until engineering, implementation and test. This includes new concepts for customer interaction as well as business models and design methodologies. As enabler of innovative information systems we focus on new information technologies – social media collaboration and context sensitivity. Here especially mechanisms and platforms for collaboration in companies and beyond lead to new forms of customer relationships, innovation processes and knowledge management.

Typical research areas

  • Business-IT-Alignment and Information Systems Success

  • Design and engineering of customer oriented e-services

  • Situated, context-oriented, individualized, mobile and automotive e-Services

  • Collaboration (Social) Mechanisms and Platforms

  • Gamification, nudging and Citizen Science

  • Collaborative Creativity, Innovation and knowledge Management

  • new Models of Consumption, Learning and (Co-)Working

  • Sharing-/Maker-economy and Support-/Web-Society 

Bachelor Programs

The bachelor's program has a three-pillar structure containing the fields economics, business information systems and computer science.

The first semesters are about the basics. In the second half of the bachelor's program the students can set their own priorities concerning their interesets. They have a wide range of subjects to choose from.

Master Programs

Within the master's program the students will have the opportunity to meet their interests, areas of computer science and economics to deepen. Of course, the students also get in-depth knowledge of the computer science industry. The in-depth modules in the areas of decision support (decision support) and information management are required.

In the area of computer science and economics the students can choose modules from a lot of areas on their own.


B.Sc. Business Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik)


The lecture "Electronic Markets" is an introduction into inter-company business activities using electronic networks.

Based on the business transactions, information systems for operational transactions of sales and purchasing processes with customers and suppliers of the company are discussed. (E-Commerce and E-Procurement)


In the lecture "Introduction into Business Information Systems" different topics are discussed:

  • overview of business information systems
  • hardware, software and networking
  • business models: data, function and process modeling
  • application development and project management
  • integrated application systems in industry and services
  • information systems: e-commerce, electronic markets
  • IT and corporate strategy: e-business management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, digital products
  • management of information processing

M. Sc. Business Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik)


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