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Information Systems


The Master Program in Business Information Systems enables students to take up challenging research in the interdisciplinary field with a major focus on information systems. 
Information Systems becomes more and more important because of new and innovative technologies and more intensive networking of existing devices in particular. To develop, analyze, improve, and integrate these technologies in organizational structures, new methods and tools are required. 
The field of Business Information Systems deals with the conception, development, implementation, and usage of computer-based information processing in organizations. To enable students to solve such problems and challenges, the Master Program of Business Information Systems in Hildesheim has five different specializations (listed below) which can be selected to get an individualized course profile.

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor in Information Systems (BSc.)

There are three main-focus areas in the bachelor program of Information Systems at the university of Hildesheim:

1. Information Systems

Main part is the Conzept and Architecture of Information Systems in

corporations. In addition business modelling and business intellingence are

important subject areas.

2. Business Economics

Next to the basic topics in business economics students will learn about

marketing, production and logistics with special attention on processes and

procedures in corporations.

3. Computer Science

Students learn all basics which are important for the business informatics

including programming, algorithm, databases and also software engineering and

machine learning.

Next to the three focus areas students will have the chance to have a look in one of the

40 partner-corporations in form of an ten-weeks-internship.

Master Programs

This program is based on the Bachelor program of Information Systems. Students will have the chance to stabilize and expand their knowledge in Information Systems. The program is divided in three sectors research methods, specialisation and free selectable areas. You have to choose in the specialisation sector three in-depth studies out of five. The advantage of this master course is the interface between Business Informatics and Business Economics, which calls attention to most of corporations in this area. Students can write their masterthesis with 30 partner companies.


Information Systems

Information Systems


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