This lectures serves as introduction to the Information Systems discipline. Each of the representatives of the IS department introduces into his or her specific field of information systems, its methods, and understandings. This lecture series is guided by an accompanying lecture, connecting them. Additionally, representatives of the study administrations get the opportunity to present their services. The main goal of the lecture is the provision of an overview of the multitude of topics of the IS discipline for students. This includes first insights into the core discipline, informatics, and quantitative methods. This overview helps the students to get first impressions of the field’s width and supports them in identifying their fields of interest. This, in turn, provides them with guidance throughout their bachelor studies and should give them first ideas on their choice for, e.g., electives. Additionally, graduates from the IS department are regularly invited to present what they are doing since they left University. This should provide the students with a long term perspective and stimulate them to think about their specific expectations on the studies. Finally, a mock exam provides the student with first impressions on how exams are being conducted at the department.

Learning outcomes

Academic: The competencies gained in this lecture support students to find orientation at the beginning of their bachelor studies. Soft skills: Driven by its structure, this lecture series expects the student to structure the content of eight different and partly heterogeneous topics to pass the exam. This structured way of approaching a given task is an essential requirement for IS graduates.
Number of credit hours per week 1
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus