Lecture | Information Systems

IS5411 - Systems Analysis and Design


This course focuses on systems analysis and design with an emphasis on the development of information systems. Methods of system documentation are examined through the use of object-oriented and structured analysis tools and techniques for describing processes, use cases, data structures, system objects, file designs, input and output designs, and program specifications.

Learning outcomes

1. Explain the need for modelling in IS analysis and design.

2. Identify the necessary interactions between users, customers and managers involved in a real world system development project.

3. Identify, and apply the different analysis and design methods for business applications.

4. Critically analyze the suitability of a modelling formalism in the context of a specific task, and a specific application domain.

5. Operate effectively within a team environment demonstrating team building and project management skills in information systems analysis and design.

6. Communicate information effectively in presentations with oral, written and electronic formats using media formats widely adopted for information systems development in business and government

Course eligibility Compulsory