A supervised work experience for a minimum of two semesters at a site in business, industry, or government, focusing on some aspect of information security and assurance. For junior- or senior-level students who wish to obtain on-the-job experience in Information Security and Assurance, in conjunction with their academic training. Students may take a cooperative study for multiple semesters, however only six credit hours are applicable toward the BBA in Information Security and Assurance as Business Electives. Contact the department office for additional information on the requirements and restrictions of the cooperative study.

Notes: Co-op credit can be used only in the “Business Electives” area of the BBA.

Number of credit hours per week 3


Prerequisite: Business Majors: Sophomore GPA Requirement, a grade of “C” or better in ISA 3100, and approval of the coordinator of cooperative education (KSU Career Services); Non-business Majors: Not available to non-business majors.