Lecture | Information Systems

ISA 4820 - Information Security and Assurance Programs and Strategies


The course integrates learning from all managerial ISA courses and encourages the student to develop skills in synthesis and communication (both written and oral) as well as teaching new material about the role of the CISO and the strategic and tactical planning and operation of the information security department in a variety of organizations. A research paper will be prepared and presented in the course. Outside speakers will supplement the course and provide the student additional, outside perspective on the information security industry.

Number of credit hours per week 3
Presence of students On-campus


Prerequisite: Business Majors: Sophomore GPA Requirement and a grade of “C” or better in ISA 4330; Non-business Majors: A grade of “C” or better in ISA 4330 and permission of the Coles College of Business.