Lecture | Information Systems

IT-Due Dilligence and IT-Audit


Outline: The course will enable students to understand the cycle of: 1. defining an IT-strategy with consideration of areas of conflict between achieving economic goals and compliance with laws and regulations 2. evaluating a given IT-environment and communicate deficiencies and improvements towards a heterogeneous set of internal and external addressees/stakeholders 3. realizing improvements of the IT environment (case studies on the implementation of data analysis components for ad-hoc and standardized management reporting) 4. implementing control structures to enforce the ongoing effective use of reporting components.

Learning outcomes

After succesful completion of the modlule, students can understand one of top management’s key responsibilities, which is to ensure the availability of IT-Facilities being compliant with external and internal laws and regulations and to provide efficient support for business processes to achieve company goals. Students will learn and practice techniques and best practices on how to communicate deficiencies to various addressees and how to implement process improvements.
Number of credit hours per week 2