The knowledge of IT-specific legal knowledge is indispensable within all quantitative subject fields of business informatics. Previous knowledge from other modules is not required.

Learning outcomes

Academic: At the end of the module, the students have gained a sound overview over the German and the European law system and the capability to recognise IT-specific legal problems, and are therefore in a position to address these towards the respective decision-maker in their future professional field or in project consulting. The students should be able to solve simple legal cases on their own or to take appropriate measures in order to counteract and to eliminate the previously identified legal problems. Soft skills: Perseverance in the familiarisation with an entirely new subject field and the ability to apply abstract norms to real-life scenarios; teamwork (within the scope of joint case-solving); knowledge of legal norms and the structure of the German and European law systems.
Number of credit hours per week 4
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus