As the importance of IT in business increases, the budgets that companies allocate for the execution of IT projects increases. Due to the resulting increasing number of IT projects, companies need ensure that they have implemented methods for uninform and central control of their IT projects portfolios. The module addresses this problem. Thereby the module covers analysis and discussion of the current problem and the need for an approach for IT portfolio management (ITPM) as well as the qualitative approaches of ITPM. Subsequently, the module addresses selected aspects of ITPM (such as, the evaluation of IT innovations, the latest IT trends, IT outsourcing, etc.) in detail. In addition to presenting the fundaments of the methods, some parts are covered by presenting the current research results and discussing them with the students. To enable a constructive discussion during the module especial preparation of the participants (which includes personal study of scientific articles) is expected.

Learning outcomes

After attending the module the students will be able to analyze and evaluate IT investments in companies from different point of views. By working on the scientific contributions in the lecture they will have the ability for critical analyses of complex approaches of IT portfolio management and identification of possible vulnerabilities.
Number of credit hours per week 2