Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Information Systems, Accounting, Business Administration, Management, and Operations, Marketing, Finance and Financial Management


The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration leverages the opportunities created by our urban location and strong research culture to prepare students to be catalysts for change. Our mission is to merge communities of knowledge with communities of practice to create exceptional experience-based learning outcomes for students and relevant insights for business leaders.

The Katz MBA program was established in 1960, although the business school's roots go back to 1907, with the University of Pittsburgh's Evening School of Economics, Accounts, and Finance. Katz was the world's first to offer a one-year MBA program. That spirit of innovation guides us today and is reflected in the life's work of the school's namesake: the late Joseph M. Katz, a consummate entrepreneur, businessman, and Pittsburgher.

Katz graduates form a worldwide network — 23,000 Katz alumni live and work in more than 90 countries. That is to say nothing of the broader reach of the University of Pittsburgh,  a world-respected leader across virtually all disciplines. That includes the undergraduate College of Business Administration, whose annual enrollment tops 2,000 students, and complements the nearly 1,000 students in Katz's master's and doctoral programs.

Led by Dean Arjang Assad, the rigorous academic programs at Katz are based upon four key principles:

  • Experience-based learning Katz graduates make an impact on day one because credit hours are "ramp up" time. Our students learn from entrepreneurial faculty. They prep for the day-to-day demands of business through Consulting Field Projects, fellowships, professional development training, internships and co-ops, and national case competitions.
  • CollaborationThrough Pitt, students and faculty have opportunities to an abundance of cross-disciplinary collaboration. Additionally, at every stage, Katz students serve on cross-functional teams and complete group projects.  We're molding a new breed of leader: The open-minded contributor who is ready for any challenge.
  • Innovation. Business agility is a must for businesses and individuals. Our flexible framework enables students to load up on electives, and pursue interdisciplinary certificates and joint or dual degrees. Katz offers a certificate program in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship that prepares students for product development, new venture initiation, and product commercialization, among other areas.
  • Globalism. The Katz International Business Center provides access to an array of international business opportunities. Additionally, Katz offers a Global Management Certificate and two joint degree options with Pitt's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. In global commerce, the efficient coordination of the supply chains creates value. 


Bachelor Programs

At Pitt Business, we take you from the classroom, to the city, to the world through your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree. When studying any of our seven majors and five certificate programs, you learn from two kinds of great teachers: our acclaimed faculty and experience.

With your professors providing the intellectual framework and long-term perspective, you’ll be immersed in projects from Pittsburgh-area companies, global case studies, and entrepreneurial competitions. You’ll emerge from our rigorous curriculum with the skills, experience, and work ethic that translates directly to your first job, bringing the intangible that businesses prize most: The ability to make a difference.

Business Information Systems Major

Information technology (IT) has revolutionized the way consumers and businesses relate and interact. For consumers, online retailing has become the dominant distribution channel for a wide variety of products and services, with massive shifts underway from brick and mortar to e-commerce and the Web, and now into social media. Not only has technology changed consumer habits, it has also dramatically changed the workplace.

Technological innovations enable new strategies, products, and distribution channels while increasing efficiency and productivity in all industries.Success in the 21st century requires that business managers and analysts understand what technologies are available in the marketplace and how these technologies can lead to competitive advantage, staying competitive, and to new business products, services, and models. Therefore, it is necessary that managers understand how IT interacts with business strategies, organizations, and customers, and it is essential that businesses manage their portfolios of IT investments accordingly.

Through the Pitt Business Business Information Systems (BIS) major, students will develop the abilities to partner with, or contribute to, IT-enabled business strategy, operations and projects in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Evaluating new information technologies, business models, and their implications
  • Understanding the relationships between competitive advantage and information technologies
  • Assessing a business or business area to recognize where process improvements can be made
  • Eliciting and identifying requirements
  • Communicating effectively with consumers, managers, analysts, business partners, and IT professionals
  • Modeling needs, processes, and data
  • Managing data as an asset
  • Managing processes

Master Programs

At Katz, we believe two things to be universally true: Business never stops reinventing itself, and neither should you. Our rigorous, experience-based learning curriculum gives students the business agility needed to thrive in a world defined by speed and volatility.

Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Information technologies evolve rapidly and change how businesses operate, compete, and generate value. Companies are seeking professionals who possess the unique combination of information technology and business skills to help them meet the challenges of the information economy. These professionals need to understand both the big picture of business and the role of technology in enabling business innovation.

For nearly thirty years, the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business has prepared its MIS graduates to envision, evaluate, and execute technology-based solutions for critical business challenges. The 30-credit Master of Science in Management Information Systems can be completed in nine months, from August through April.  The program also has a part-time option, however, part-time study may extend the length of study need to complete the degree. Students will take core and elective MIS courses (combined for a minimum 19.5 credits) that provide depth and business-oriented elective courses (maximum 10.5 credits) that provide breadth.

The MS-MIS is a STEM degree program. International students enrolled in the standalone MS-MIS and the dual degree MBA/MS-MIS are eligible to apply for a 24-month STEM Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension. With the OPT extension, international students graduating from the programs will be eligible to work in the U.S. for a total period of 36 months before switching to other employer-sponsored visas such as H1-B.

The MS in Management Information Systems Emphasizes:
  • A fundamental understanding of the strategic and transformational role of information technologies in business
  • The skills required to execute and manage complex information technology projects
  • A study of the critical factors that shape the information economy such as digital platforms, technology adoption and diffusion, and user behavior in digital environments.
MBA/Master of Science in Management of Information Systems

Transform your work life in just 20 months with the University of Pittsburgh's MBA/Master of Science in Management of Information Systems (MBA/MS-MIS) Dual-Degree Program. For nearly 30 years, the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business has prepared its MBA/MS-MIS graduates to envision, evaluate, and execute technology-based solutions for critical business challenges.

Consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one the nation's top 20 MBA/MS-MIS dual-degree programs in the United States, this program is for professionals with several years of work experience who want to obtain a deep understanding of IT issues as well as the integration and interdependence of IT and business.

Develop specialized expertise in areas such as IS management, supply chain management, customer analytics, healthcare and IS, and new venture creation and business development.

The MS-MIS is a STEM degree program. International students enrolled in the MBA/MS-MIS dual degree program are eligible to apply for a 24-month STEM Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension if their job offers are in the information systems area (software engineer, developer, IT project manager, program manager, product manager, IT consultant, business process analyst, software quality manager, IT-business analyst, data scientist, etc.). With the OPT extension, international students graduating from the MBA/MS-MIS program will be eligible to work in the U.S. for a total period of 36 months before switching to other employer-sponsored visas such as H1-B.

Degree Requirements

Upon formal admission to the MBA/MS-MIS program, a student must fulfill the following requirements in order to receive both degrees of this dual-degree program:

  • A minimum of 66 credits of approved graduate-level coursework (MBA: 36 + MIS: 30)
  • The appropriate distribution of required core courses and elective courses
  • A minimum cumulative quality point average (QPA) of 3.0

In the MBA/MS-MIS program, you will have the opportunity to take more than 30 courses (66 credits) taught by the world-class Katz faculty, including:

  • The management core (22.5 credits), which builds your foundation in strategic management, decision technologies, financial management, organizational behavior, marketing, statistics, economics, and accounting;
  • The IS core (13.5 credits) that delivers an in-depth IS education and expands your knowledge with  Project Management; Database Management; and Business Systems Platforms
  • An extensive portfolio of MBA and IS electives (30 credits) that build focused concentrations in finance, strategy, marketing, and human resources.


At Katz, we prepare students for a business world that is constantly changing. Our MBA program is rooted in experience-based learning. We transform students into business leaders who practice globalism, collaboration, and innovation.

Katz gives students the best of both worlds. Students receive a comprehensive business education and choose a core business area of specialization. They develop the strategic mindset to think big picture and possess the expertise that adds immediate value to a company.

Achieve More

Our program is designed to help focused individuals advance or change their careers. Katz offers the personalized attention of a small school, but is a part of something big: the University of Pittsburgh, which is a large research institution situated in a major U.S. city. In 2011, 90 percent of Katz students received job offers within 90 days of graduation. Some work for Fortune 500 companies with offices in Pittsburgh and others move to cities across the world.

Make Lasting Connections

The networks students build at Katz are enduring. Our award-winning faculty members mentor students and provide guidance that pays long-term dividends. Our 23,000+ alumni reside in nearly 90 different countries and help open doors for Katz MBAs. Our Career Management team has established strong relationships with corporate recruiters and business leaders, making both groups a regular presence on the Katz campus.

Learn by Doing

Experience-based learning is the backbone of the Katz curriculum. Many of our students complete Consulting Field Projects, which give them the opportunity to work as management consultants, sometimes for multi-billion-dollar companies. Our finance classes are held in our Financial Analysis Lab, a 3,000 square-foot facility that, much like a Wall Street trading room, has a running ticker, tote boards, and bank of computers loaded with analysis software. Students grow their understanding of international business by studying abroad or by completing a Global Research Practicum.

Stand Out from the Competition

At Katz, students enhance foundations in the business fundamentals by selecting a concentration. We offer concentrations in finance; information systems; marketing; operations management; organizational behavior and management; and strategy, environment, and organizations. Katz also gives students the opportunity to further refine business talents by completing a certificate. Katz MBA Certificates include: Global Supply Chain Management Certificate; Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Certificate; Organizational Leadership Certificate; Global Management Certificate; Corporate Valuation Certificate; Corporate Financial Management Certificate; Investments and Trading Certificate; Project Management Certificate; Digital Marketing Certificate.

The Information Systems Concentration Track

Students specializing in MIS are typically hired into functional areas such as Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Data Science, Product Development, Project/Program Management, and Service Management. Classes explore fundamental technologies such as Database Management as well as cutting edge techniques such as Data Science with Python and R programming languages. Students are encouraged to consult their academic and faculty advisors for designing customized curricular tracks to ensure their future success.


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