Kherson State University

Kherson, Ukraine


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Kherson State University (KSU) - institution of higher education in Kherson, Ukraine. He is one of the oldest schools in southern Ukraine.

University trains specialists in 34 specialties. The teaching staff consists of 68 professors, doctors, 234 associate professors, PhDs, 105 senior teachers, assistants.

The University has 6 buildings and 3 dormitories. In addition, the services of students and teachers of KSU - dining room, sanatorium, health center, water-sport station on the Dnieper, sports camp "Petrel" at the Black Sea Observatory, agrobiostation-botanical garden, 3 gyms 1 gym and 2 assembly halls, agricultural machinery fleet, dance classes, art workshops, Educational and Publishing center, Ukrainian cultural center, museum and archive center, exhibition hall and more.



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