The main objectives of the UC are related with teaching the fundamentals of building intelligent systems and knowledge-based systems, the programming language Prolog and knowledge engineering.

Learning outcomes

To understand the notions of intelligence, knowledge, inference, and what is their contribution to complex problem solving and building Intelligent Information Systems. To understand how a Knowledge Based System is structured, how it works and what kind of problems it solves. To understand the Development Process Knowledge-Based Systems. Distinguish and apply forms of knowledge representation and reasoning. To develop small programs, build knowledge bases and implement simple inference systems using the logic programming language Prolog. To know the various stages of the knowledge acquisition process and the languages ​​available in the context of Knowledge Engineering. To understand, distinguish and use techniques for knowledge acquisition as semi-automatic way of extracting knowledge from databases. Knowing, using and evaluating tools for supporting the construction of Knowledge Based Systems. To be able to apply these tools in problem solving.
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus