Information Systems


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Bachelor Programs

This option prepares the graduate for management positions in the IT (information technology) industry. With the emergence of technology such as the internet, ERP systems and wireless communication, IT applications are now a fundamental and organic component of every business discipline. This option gives you a comprehensive overview of these applications in different functional areas of an organization such as accounting/finance, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and human resource management. As a graduate of this option you would have a solid understanding of IT applications in different areas of business, how they embed within their respective business processes and add value to them. 

Master Programs

The MS in Business Analytics is designed for students and business professionals with background in computer science, statistics and mathematics who want to have a mastery understanding of business analytics, such as business intelligence and big data analytics.

Students in this program will develop in-depth knowledge and specialized skills in Python/R, database, data warehousing, data mining, text mining and web analytics, big data analytics (Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig/Hive), and optimized decision making. The program will also broaden students’ understanding of business analytics through the prism of its implementation and utilization in various functional areas of business.


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