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Information Systems


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The mission of the Department of Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology is to create and disseminate knowledge that can be used by our students, scholars in our disciplines, and practitioners in all types of organizations to enrich people's lives and to benefit our community, state, and nation. Please visit our website to learn more about our curriculum and dedicated faculty.

Bachelor Programs

Information Management (IM) is the use of management techniques to collect and process data in order to develop technological solutions for contemporary business problems. Individuals with IM backgrounds possess a knowledge of both business and information technology, which allows them to harness the power of technological tools to improve performance and productivity, drive innovation, expand business, and make better business decisions.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify, collect, and analyze large data sets in organizational settings.
  • Understand modern data storage methodologies.
  • Develop technological solutions for contemporary business problems.
  • Communicate technological concepts to business executives and users.

Master Programs

The M.S. MIS program prepares students for high-level professional, managerial, and research careers in information technology (IT). The program focuses on the application of technology to help achieve organizational goals and solve business problems. 


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