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Management Information Systems

Information Systems


Graduates of the management information systems (MIS) are able to design, develop, and implement information systems to solve organizational problems effectively. This major provides students with the background they need to give informational support for decision-making in organizations and to understand the impact that information systems have on the business enterprise. We strive to prepare graduates for entry-level positions in the MIS profession in both user and system departments.


  • Business Analytics
  • Business Systems
  • Cyber-Security


Information Systems
With a degree in information systems, you can use your technical skills to help an organization solve business challenges and compete more effectively. You'll learn best practices in cybersecurity and risk management to keep a company's data safe, and gain the analytical skills needed to extract key data from company systems and the internet. Graduates gain the confidence and leadership skills to clearly communicate complex technologies in a dynamic business environment.
Business Analytics
Students will gain a solid foundation in the application of statistical methods, techniques, and tools to large data sets. The program provides students with the background needed to applying statistical methods and techniques through use of decision support systems (DSS), expert systems (ES), business intelligence (BI) reporting tools, and business analytics (BA) data mining tools. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level business analytics and reporting positions.
Schedule Part-time and full-time
Duration 4 Years
Presence of students On-campus and on-line
Scholarships available Yes


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