Lecture | Information Systems

Management Information Systems II: Data Mining


The module "Management Information Systems II: Data Mining" provides qualifications of EQF level 7:

A.     Knowledge: comprehensive, highly specialized knowledge of

a.      Functionality and application domains of data mining in management

b.      Data mining procedure models

c.      Categories and architectures of data mining systems

d.      Data preparation and transformation

e.      Data mining algorithms (especially segmentation, classification, association, anomaly detection and assessment)

f.       Methods and state of the art of technical and managerial data mining research

B.     Skills: comprehensive, highly specialized practical skills in the domains

a.      Information demand analysis

b.      Data preparation and transformation

c.      Design and execution of complex analysis processes

d.      Result interpretation and decision support

C.     Competencies: self-directed design and management of complex Data warehouse related work contexts, especially

a.      Implementation and maintenance of data mining systems

b.      Applications of data mining systems for meeting complex information demand in management