Management Science and Information Systems

Stillwater, OK, United States
Information Systems


The Department of Management Science and Information Systems (MSIS) understands that companies throughout the world require professionals with both the technical and managerial expertise necessary to thrive in an information-driven economy. For years, the William S. Spears School of Business has proudly produced professionals who have a highly developed set of business skills and the depth of knowledge to implement complex information systems—and keep them up and running. The Department's substantial growth has been fueled not only by the emergence of information technology as a fundamental cornerstone of business education, but also from the personal talents of dedicated faculty. The MSIS Department is blessed with outstanding nationally recognized scholars and committed, innovative instructors, all with a passion for research and classroom excellence. Many of the MSIS faculty has a solid private sector background that exemplifies the department's practical yet leading-edge perspective.

Bachelor Programs

The MIS degree focuses on the business applications of information technology. This includes emphasizing necessary skills required in the analysis, development, evaluation and implementation of various information and communication technologies critical for today’s internet-enabled organizations. The integration of information technology throughout all aspects of business coupled with the critical need for responsive information systems has created a strong demand for graduates with expertise in both information systems and business administration.

Once MIS students satisfy the first two tier requirements mentioned above, they will focus on specialized courses in areas such as systems analysis and design, business programming, database design and management, expert and decision support systems, data mining applications, data communications and network security, management science methods, enterprise resource planning systems and electronic commerce.

The Data Science option (formerly MSCS option) places additional emphasis on developing aptitudes in quantitative tools that are especially critical in today’s data-driven organization. Additional course work in statistics, operations research, decision analysis and quantitative analysis is possible with a Data Science option.

The Information Assurance option uses the expertise in the department that led OSU to be named a National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the NSA. This option provides students with in-depth study and hands-on analysis of critical organizational issues in information assurance and security.

Master Programs

The Master of Science in Information Assurance (MSIA) program at Oklahoma State University (OSU) offers a unique blend of managerial coursework and hands-on applications that enables graduates to understand information assurance in the business. Topics include telecommunications, risk, offensive and defensive practices, and legal issues.

OSU is a designated Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education and Research. Our IA curriculum is recognized and approved by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. The university is also home to the Center for Telecommunications and Network Security.

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems Program (MS in MIS) focuses on providing solutions to business information and data needs. The MS-MIS program was ranked No. 29 in the North American rankings for Information Systems programs in 2015-16 in the Eduniversal Best Masters ranking. The program was No. 23 among universities in the United States. In addition, our online master’s in MIS is ranked No. 14 in the Top 50 Online Masters Degrees in Information Technology Management 2015, according to The program was started in 1998 and has over 1000 graduates. The core curriculum for the 34-hour program includes courses on MIS in business, database management, data warehousing, systems analysis, programming for analytics, descriptive analytics, visualization and professional development. The MS in MIS program is a designated STEM program.

PhD Programs

The MSIS PhD program prepares students for careers as college professors in upper and mid-tier research universities. After graduating from the program, students are able to conduct high quality academic research and teach a variety of information systems courses at the university level. The program provides for immersion of students in information systems research and publication, national level conferences, and college level classroom instruction. The faculty in the department have diverse technical and behavioral information systems research interests and they are nationally or internationally known for their research over a range of topics including but not limited to data analytics and business intelligence, information assurance, management science, enterprise systems, and productions and operations management. The program is based in the low-cost highly livable communities of Stillwater and Tulsa in Oklahoma.


M.S. in Information Assurance


 A broad investigation of the elements of information assurance and security with an emphasis on the management impact to corporations and businesses engaged in information Management Science and Information Systems (MSIS) services and electronic commerce. Students should come away from the course with the ability to advise management on the risks and mitigation for all types of threats to information and privacy.


An investigation into the various technical aspects of attacking, and of guarding against attacks and failures in various types of information systems. Course content may vary but  includes computer, network, and data protection technologies (e.g., firewalls, packet filters, proxy servers, user authentication and validation techniques, encryption, backup methodologies, system and component redundancies, etc.). Various threats and attack methods examined.


This capstone course takes a strategic view of corporate information assurance. The goal is to provide an overarching view of an information assurance program to include physical, personnel, operational, and cyber security, including the underlying legislation and Federal and state regulations that drive corporate IA programs and policy.



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