Lecture | Information Systems

Managing Technological Change


Modern organizations are highly affected by the implementation and change of technologies. The outcome of a technology-enabled organizational change program is the product of the interaction between organizational goals and practices and the design of the technology to meet them. Development and implementation processes contain their own tacit and explicit practices which must often be adapted to incorporate the internal and external context of the adopting organizations. This compulsory course of the MSc BA Change Management program focuses on a treatment of this issue and discusses how technology development and implementation can be strategic, appropriate, flexible, and support human activity. After an introduction, the course is divided into the following four interrelated themes: (Theme A) Organization: understanding socio-technical ensembles; (Theme B) Change Process: adoption, adaptation, and appropriation; (Theme C) Restraining Forces: managing stakeholders; and (Theme D) Enabling Forces: managing adoption of technology.

Learning outcomes

Students are able to: (1) identify and describe relevant technological changes and discuss their effects on organizational structure; (2) discuss different viewpoints on the relationship between technology, organizations, and people and the consequences on implementation programs; (3) explain which new technology-enabled organizational forms arise and explore how particular technologies enable these; (4) describe new modes of organizing and discuss and evaluate potential effects on people and organizations; (5) distinguish different system implementation strategies, understand their applicability, and explain their strengths and weaknesses; (6) apply and evaluate theories on technology diffusion, adoption, acceptance and resistance, and system success and alignment; and (7) draft, present, and evaluate a plan to implement innovative technology in an organization.

Number of credit hours per week 5
Course eligibility Compulsory
Presence of students On-campus