Master | Information Systems

Master of Commerce (Information Systems and Technology)

Information Systems


In this course you will develop advanced problem solving skills, learn how to plan information systems and information technology, and integrate information systems planning with business planning.

You will also be provided with the knowledge and skills you need to complete a successful research project. In your final semester, you will conduct your own research project and prepare a dissertation on your findings under the guidance of one of our experienced staff.


Information Systems and Technology
This major is designed to provide knowledge and skills to those either wishing to become information systems and technology professionals or those seeking to increase their knowledge in the management and strategic application of information systems and technology in a competitive, intelligent global business environment. The major combines theory, research and practice incorporating a range of concepts, methodologies and technologies relating to information systems, information technology and computer security.
Schedule Part-time and full-time
Duration 2 Years
Scholarships available No


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