The goal of the Master of Science in Healthcare Management and Informatics (MSHMI) program is to educate and produce a robust workforce that has the skills and knowledge of the intersecting domains of healthcare, management, and informatics. The MSHMI program is a premier interdisciplinary program spanning the Coles College of Business, Wellstar College of Health and Human Services, College of Science and Mathematics, and College of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Graduates will be grounded in the knowledge base on healthcare management and informatics, including: 

  • Broad knowledge of the delivery and practice of healthcare in the US system along with the challenges and opportunities in the international landscape.
  • Operational knowledge of the ethical, legal, security/privacy, and quality issues as they relate to healthcare management and informatics.
  • Knowledge of the basic principles emphasizing the role of informatics as it relates to various complex problems covering the entire domain of healthcare from disease management, patients/providers, drug discovery, evidence based medicine, personalized medicine, etc.
  • Knowledge of organizational behavior and management principles as they apply to the issues at the intersecting domain of healthcare, information systems, and informatics.
  • Knowledge and skills associated with statistics, quantitative/qualitative research methods, and quality issues associated with healthcare management and informatics.
  • Applied knowledge of computer science with respect to database design and management and data structures in the context of healthcare
  • Knowledge of advanced scholarship so that students are capable of addressing critical issues in the domain via written and oral form.

Location of the program - main campus or other approved site

Core Requirements (33 Credit Hours)

  • HMI 7510: Introduction to Healthcare Management and Informatics
  • HMI 7770: Capstone in Healthcare Management and Informatics
  • HMI 7560: Management and Application of Electronic Health Records
  • HMI 7560: Management and Application of Electronic Health Records
  • HMI 7570: Healthcare Processes and Workflows
  • HMI 7590: Health Care Industry: Economics, Strategy, and Leadership
  • HMI 7610: Management & Ethics of Leadership in Healthcare
  • HMI 7620: Data Mining and Visualization in Healthcare
  • HMI 7520: Data Analytics via SAS
  • HMI 7540: Healthcare Information Systems Development
  • HMI 7550: Database Systems in Healthcare
  • HMI 7580: Governance, Risk Management and Compliance in Healthcare

Elective Course (3 credit hours)

  • HMI 7530: Data Analytics via R
  • IS 8100: Advanced IT Project Management
  • IS 8200: Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Systems
  • IS 8320: Information Security Technologies
  • HMI 8900: Directed Study in Healthcare Management and Informatics
  • HMI 8910: Special Topics in Healthcare Management and Informatics
  • IS 8330: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning
  • IT 6503: Foundations of Health Information Technology
  • IT 7113: Data Visualization
  • MGT 8040: Managing the Value Chain
  • NURS 7753: Technology in Nursing Education and Practice I
  • NURS 7794: Advanced Leadership and Policy in a Multicultural World
Schedule Part-time
Presence of students On-campus and on-line
Scholarships available No


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