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Master's Information Security and Assurance Certificate

Information Systems


The graduate certificate program in information security and assurance is designed for both technology and non-technology graduate students.


Note: Currently enrolled graduate students can only count 3 of the 4 courses toward their existing degree. Students in a graduate certificate can only count 3 courses toward a graduate program.


Note: This certificate may be completed online.


It encompasses four existing courses:


Security Management

IS 8310 Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance


IT 6823 Information Security Concepts & Administration


Security Technology

IS 8320 Information Security Technologies


Contingency Planning

IS 8330 Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning


IT 6583 Business Continuity Planning and Implementation



IS 8200 Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Systems


IS 8305 Foundations of Information Security

Schedule Part-time and full-time
Duration 1 Years
Presence of students On-campus and on-line
Scholarships available Yes



This course examines the Systems Development Life Cycle and the technologies used to implement high-quality information systems. A variety of modeling techniques will be used by students to articulate client requirements and convert them into implementable specifications. Prototyping and methodology engineering will be covered.


This course is a case based survey of contemporary legal and ethical issues faced by IS professionals. Topics include a review of applicable statutes and regulations that impact the IS organization. Students will conduct on-line research and explore ethical issues at the leading edge of the organization’s technology frontiers.

Note Offered as an online course.


This course includes detailed examinations of critical information security and information systems requirements for governance, risk management, and compliance planning. It includes an examination of policies, procedures, and staffing functions necessary to organize and administrate ongoing security functions in the organization to support secure business and information system operations. Subjects to be covered include IT/InfoSec Governance, security planning and practices, legal and regulatory compliance, continuity planning, and disaster recovery planning.


Detailed examinations of the application of technical controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information assets. Includes tools, techniques and technologies in the protection of information from internal and external threats. Topics covered include: firewall configurations, hardening operating systems, intrusion detection systems and virtual private networks.


A detailed study of strategic and tactical planning for non-standard operations resulting from events beyond the organization’s control. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning prepares the student to develop and execute plans to enable the organization to recover operations and continue critical business functions in the event of a disaster. This course includes an overview of incident response planning as a possible precursor to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity and also examines Crisis Management planning.

Note Offered as an online course.


This course covers the fundamentals of computing security, access control technology, cryptographic algorithms, implementations, tools and their applications in communications and computing systems security. Topics include public key infrastructure, operating system security, database security, network security, web security, firewalls, security architecture and models, and ethical and legal issues in information security.



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